Green area and smart district

Ascoli21 does not waste public soil, but restores it and returns it to the city with a huge park and a smart district.

#Ascoli21 is a grassroots initiative of local entrepreneurs. It does not cost taxpayers money and offers hands-on solutions to boost employment and create new innovative companies.

Here we start again.
Let the future begin.

Marco Polo describes a bridge, stone by stone.
- But which is the stone that supports the bridge?" - Kublai Khan asks.
- The bridge is not supported by one stone or another, - Marco answers, - but by the line of the arch that they form."
Kublai Khan remains silent, reflecting. Then he adds:
- Why do you speak to me of the stones? It is only the arch that matters to me.
Polo answers:
- Without stones there is no arch.
(Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino)


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