1. Why "Ascoli 21"?
"21" recalls Agenda 21, the United Nations program dedicated to sustainable development, which includes a series of activities - to be carried out in the twenty-first century - to respond to climatic, environmental and socio-economic emergencies worldwide.

2. Who are the promoters of Ascoli21?
Ascoli21 is a project designed by Restart Ltd, a company that emerged in February 2010 as a grassroots initiative from local entrepreneurs. Restart is the project company in charge of managing the remediation, redevelopment and regeneration of the SGL Carbon area.
Some of our partners: Fa.in.plast ltd, General Scarl, Emmetregi Ltd and Carisap Foundation.

3. How many years for A21 to be ready?
We expect Ascoli21 to be ready in approximately twelve years.

4. What will the executive remediation project determine?
The executive remediation project, entrusted to Rimini Petroltecnica Ltd., will define the best technique - or more than one if necessary - to eliminate soil contamination from the former SGL Carbon area, together with costs and time schedule.

5. When will the remediation works start and how long will it take to finish them?
The necessary condition for the remediation work to begin is that the main actors of the project (Restart and the city council) sign a program agreement. It should define the competencies of each member and establish a detailed time schedule for the activities. It is also necessary to define an urban planning framework.
Once started, the remediation work will approximately last 4/3 years.

6. How much will the whole remediation cost? Who will cover expenses?
Restart ltd will cover the total cost of the remediation, which is estimated 39 million euro- as drafted in the executive project. After purchasing the SGL Carbon, Restart has become responsible for the remediation.

7. What is the financing source to build Ascoli21?
Once the remediation is over, it will be necessary to join a call for tenders to access European loans, such as those provided by the European Investment Bank (EIB) for financing strategic projects that create social, environmental and economic benefits for the local communities.

8. In the future, who will manage the whole area?
Ascoli21 will have a combination of public and private management. It will be a new urban area, therefore a part of the city with requirements similar to other blocks, to be managed with the help of private and public institutions, each with their own expertise.

9. How will Restart Ltd profit from the project?
The investments in green spaces, properties and - above all – Cultural and Technological Centre will have economic returns for the members of the project. For instance, the construction of sports facilities, auditorium, the convergence in the start-up innovative business are all activities that can attract capital and investments.

10. How many jobs can such a huge project create?
Ascoli21 is a huge and complex project. Therefore, every phase will feature qualified companies and professionals, with a direct as well as indirect increase in employment (the spin-off is not directly related to the project, for instance tourism infrastructures, catering, transport and so on)

11. Are you going to hold an architectural competition for the project?
The creation of an international architectural competition to draft the overall project is something we are seriously taking into consideration. We want to make sure that local excellences get involved. Ascoli21 was born from a grassroots initiative, and it belongs to the community for the community.

12. Is there any draft of the Tech and Cultural hub already?
The first step for Ascoli21 was the establishment of Hub21 Ltd., located in the former Villa Tofani, which was restored by the Province of Ascoli Piceno with funds granted by regional government. The hub will combine the best energies of the territory, giving a chance to local entrepreneurs. In this way, the city will enter a knowledge-based circuit, which will boost the most dynamic economic areas: renewable energy, ICT and green building.
It will be an incubator of innovations, a research center, and a real opportunity for development. A way to connect local excellence with national and international organizations, as it occurred in the last two years with training activities for start-ups, headed by Istao (one of the top management schools in Italy).
The hub will be an actual tool for economic growth.

13. How will citizens get involved in the project?
Ascoli21 is a project engaging the whole community, i.e. current citizens as well as future generations. Therefore, the active participation of all local stakeholders is a key element to make the project successful. We arranged meetings with local associations and political groups and organized public meetings dedicated to the project. You can find a whole website section dedicated to the town and its people, with proposals made by locals (http://www.ascoli21.it/tu-per-ascoli21). Our major goal is to raise awareness and engage the whole community.

Marco Polo describes a bridge, stone by stone.
- But which is the stone that supports the bridge?" - Kublai Khan asks.
- The bridge is not supported by one stone or another, - Marco answers, - but by the line of the arch that they form."
Kublai Khan remains silent, reflecting. Then he adds:
- Why do you speak to me of the stones? It is only the arch that matters to me.
Polo answers:
- Without stones there is no arch.
(Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino)


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